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The War of Drones in theMiddle East & North Africa

"Aviation of the poor" is how the specialists refer to the phenomenon of armed drones that are currently used on several theaters of operations especially in the Middle East & North Africa region. The year 2019 was particularly spectacular for the use of this new means of combat, the war of drones, especially with the…
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Russia Makes a Comeback by Opening a Base in Africa

The announcement of Russia's plans to create a logistics centre for the Navy in Sudan has been the most recent move by Russia making its strong comeback to Africa. Akram Kharief, defence and security expert, and the Director of Mena Defense, gave the "New Defence Order. Strategy" his take on the matter. Follow New Defence Order.…
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An Overview of Russia-Algeria Military Cooperation

SIPRI's latest report on trends in international arms transfers in 2019 states that Algeria was the third on the list Russia's top arms clients between 2015-2019. The North African country is only the second after Egypt in military power in Africa. In 2015–19 Russia delivered major arms to 47 states. A total of 55 per…
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Aviation. MTC Between Russia And Algeria

Algerian Air Force has a pressing need for upgrading its aircraft in service. After almost a fifteen-years embargo (1990–2005) Algerian AF has started an extensive modernization program. This process was initiated after an official visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to Algeria in 2007 and conversion of Algerian debt to the Russian Federation…
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Algeria as Export Show-case for Russian Air Defence Systems

By Akram Kharief  Relationship between Algeria and the USSR started even before Algeria got independence. In 1959, when the war of independence was in its pride, Moscow made decision and trained some hundreds of young officers of the National Liberation Army. Other officers, at the same time, have been trained in military educational institutions of…
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Ongoing challenge of rebuilding the Egyptian army

By Akram Kharief   It is September 2018, the Egyptian Navy, which is one of the largest navy forces in the region, has just signed a 1.3 billion dollars contract for two German frigates MEKO from Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems. Before the official announcement, the German federal government having noted that the funds would come from…
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