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Russian Helicopters Overhaul Mi-17-1Vs of the Peruvian AF

Russian Helicopters Holding of the Rostec State Corporation has overhauled six Mi-17-1V military transport helicopters at the Peruvian Air Force SEMAN base in Lima in two years, said the press service of Rostec. Repair work was carried out by the Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant (NARP) of the Russian Helicopters holding under the direct control of…
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Russian Helicopters and Pratt & Whitney Canada sign contract for powering VRT500 by PW207V engines

At Dubai Airshow, VR-Technologies (part of Russian Helicopters Holding Company) and Pratt & Whitney signed a contract for fitting the cutting-edge light VRT500 helicopter with gas-turbine PW207V engines. PW207V is the advanced modification of PW200 family engines with the capacity of up to 700 hp designed for light-class rotorcraft. All in all, over 5 thousand powerplants of this type have been produced…
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Russian Helicopters signed contract for delivery of Ansat helicopters to China

Rostec’s holding Russian Helicopters signed a contract for the delivery of two rescue Ansat helicopters with China-based Sino-Russian Helicopter Group. Helicopter delivery is slated for the first half of the next year. The document signing ceremony was held as part of the 5th international helicopter show China Helicopter Exposition, taking place in Tianjin on October…
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Russian Helicopters presented convertible Mi-171A2 at MAKS

Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) presented a convertible Mi-171A2 helicopter at the MAKS-2019 airspace show.  Depending on the customer wishes, the helicopter can be used for cargo transportation, as well as to transport up to 20 passengers. This is the first certified rotorcraft of the Mi-8/171 family in a convertible version.…
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Russian Helicopters will participate in the FAMEX 2019 exhibition

  Mexico / April 24, 2019 Russian Helicopters holding company (part of Rostec State Coproration) will participate in the third international aerospace show FAMEX 2019 held in Santa Lucia air base in Mexico. This year the company will exhibit a line of Russian civilian helicopters in Mexico: light Ansat, medium Mi-171A2 and heavier Mi-38 helicopters,…
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MI-8MTV5-1 Helicopters for Russian Military in Kyrgyzstan

The Russian Ministry of Defence announced today that the Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan will receive two MI-8MTV5-1 helicopters. Follow New Defence Order. Strategy on Google News. According to a statement published today, the delivery should be completed by the end of June. The helicopters that the base will be receiving are two modernised MI-8MTV5-1 helicopters, equipped…
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