The Egyptian Air Defence Forces have recently acquired a Rezonans-NE 3D over-the-horizon (OTH) radar.

On October 1st, the Russian agency TASS announced the delivery of the radar system to ‘a country’ in the Middle East.

The investigations of several internet users who have relied on OSINT (open-source intelligence) data have proved the existence of a site in the central east of Egypt, near the Red Sea between the cities of Ras Gharib and Zaafrana.

Egypt is the second country in the region, after Algeria, to deploy this system that can detect certain air targets at 1100 km distance and even low-orbiting satellites such as observation satellites.

The Egyptian anti-aircraft defence deploys a dense and mobile radar network based on the Russian Nebo-E and S300V radars, effectively covering the Egyptian territory and beyond.

The adoption of the Rezonans-NE will allow Egypt to counter threats over long distances. The counter-stealth capabilities of the Rezonans-NE will also balance forces in the Middle East after the introduction of the Israeli F-35.

Source – Menadefence

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