Top Brass to Set Up 3 New Military Units Armed with Ratnik Combat Gear

Three new military units outfitted with the Ratnik ‘soldier of the future’ combat gear will be set up in Russia’s Western Military District in 2020, Commander of the 20th All-Arms Army Lieutenant-General Andrei Ivanayev said on Tuesday.


«In 2020, there are plans to set up three new military formations that will have both to catch up with the current pace of training and boost their professional potential several-fold within the shortest time possible. The new units will receive new combat banners and new Ratnik combat outfits and will be provided with attachable gear for small arms,» the district’s press office quoted the commander as saying.

The Ratnik is a system of advanced protective and communications equipment, weapons and ammunition. It comprises over 40 protective and life support elements and allows a soldier to get continuously updated on the situation in the combat area. In addition, the Ratnik includes a self-contained heater, a backpack, an individual water filter, a gas mask and a medical kit.

The second-generation Ratnik combat gear has been arriving for Russia’s ground forces, the Airborne Force and marines since 2016.

An advanced Ratnik-3 combat gear with an integral exoskeleton and a helmet visor-mounted target designation system is currently being developed for Russia’s Armed Forces.

Source - TASS


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