«Geospatial Technology. Global Trends 2021» International Conference



International Conference
«Geospatial Technology. Global Trends 2021» 

25-26 Novemner 2021, Moscow


Obtaining the most accurate information in record time is of critical importance in present-day environment. Digitalisation and new methods of processing data arrays open up great prospects for the development of processes for collecting and interpreting data about the terrain, people, and objects in space.

Marketing Communications Agency Defense Media and the New Defense Order. Strategy journal offer an inter-industry communication platform for discussing and developing consolidated solutions for problematic issues for all participants in the geospatial technology market.

Geospatial Technology. Global Trends 2021 international conference covers the following areas:

  • International cooperation to Strengthen geospatial information development; and to face security threats and challenges;
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for the automatisation of remote sensing data analysis;
  • Advanced analytics using 3-D modeling and VR/AR technologies;
  • Data management and cloud technologies, storage, and circulation of geospatial information;
  • Development and implementation of modern GIS software;
  • Implementation of the "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" programme as part of the introduction of new space services;
  • Prospects and possibilities of creating small remote sensing satellites;
  • Geospatial technology market post-COVID-19;
  • Improving GIS services in the context of digitalisation of society;
  • Boosting the training process for specialists. Synergy at the human-machine level;
  • Modern high-precision positioning technology based on GNSS.



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