Integrated Solutions and Production Potential of JSC “Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center” in the Area of Valves and Fittings Production

For more than 80 years JSC “Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center” (JSC SSTC) resolves successfully issues, related to setting-up of infrastructure, development of technologies and design of equipment for the Russian Navy and civil fleet, as well as for foreign customers.



JSC SSTC is a leading Russian center for development of shipbuilding and ship repair technologies and also leading center for design and organization of serial production of ship borne valves and fittings, including sophisticated ones. Produced valves and fittings are purposed for operation as part of ship borne systems and propulsion plants with wide range of mediums, pressures and temperatures. Design Bureau Armas (DB Armas), which is a subdivision of JSC SSTC, already developed, completely tested and released for serial production more than 20 thousand types of various valves and fittings. Pipe fittings– stop valves, control valves, safety valves, reducing valves, throttles, filters, valve assemblies, distributing units– developed by DB Armas are installed on all Russian and many foreign ships and vessels.


Ship borne valves designed by DB Armas, JSC SSTC




History of DB Armas:

1939 – Foundation of DB Armas, design of valves and fittings for heat power plants; 
1953 – Design of pipe valves and fittings for diesel electric submarines and surface ships;
1966 – Design of pipe valves and fittings for nuclear-powered submarines and surface ships;
1976 – Design of  pipelines fittings for icebreakers, tankers and fishing vessels;
1988 – Development of test procedures and design of test benches for inspection of valves and fittings;
1991 – Development and design of new generation of pipelines fittings for Navy and civil fleet;
2010 – Development of projects for setting-up and modernization of specialized facilities for valves and fittings manufacturing;
2019 – Development and design of axial control valves for civil marine equipment and oil industry;
2020 – Development of projects for creation of digital duplicates of pipeline fittings and virtual test benches for inspection of the same.

DB Armas today:

80-years long experience in development, design and manufacture of pipelines valves and fittings;
160 highly skilled employees;
– More than 20000 developed types of valves and fittings;
– More than 70 developed standards;
4800 m² of production facilities;
– More than 80 production machines; 
– More than 10 test benches;
– Annual production rate of valves and fittings exceeds 2500 pc.


DB Armas offers integrated solutions for development and design of valves and fittings and support of the same on all stages of life cycle: design, engineering analysis, manufacture, testing, certification, training, supervision, after-sales service and repair. 

Our specialists design valves and fittings using virtual environment, based on digital duplicates technology and purposed for development and optimization of valves and fittings. This environment includes development of 3D models, kinematic and dynamic analysis, structure analysis, simulation modeling, numerical modeling of liquid and gas flow, prediction of noise and vibration levels, optimization of design. Main areas of researches and new developments include improvement of operational performance, noise and vibration levels reduction, expanding of adjustments range and accuracy, improvement of performance parameters (pressure, temperature and consumption), application of new materials (including composites) and technologies (additive manufacture, virtual stands).  

Quality of valves and fittings manufacture is also ensured by use of own production facilities. Advanced multifunctional machining centers and NC machines enable processing of ship borne valves and fittings of all configurations and complexity. As a part of technological preparation of production facility, the following procedures, ensuring readiness for manufacture of new products, are carried out: checking manufacturability of article, estimation of justified material and labor norms, checking availability of required production equipment and areas, implementation of technological procedures and managing the same. Carrying out the above procedures results in manufacturing of any type of high-quality valves and fittings in minimum time period.

Production procedure includes: incoming inspection of materials and semi-finished products, metal cutting, thermal processing, determination of physical and mechanical, chemical properties of materials, mechanical processing, pressing and clamping of gaskets, welding (welding and cladding), fitting and assembly works, inspection of finished article.    

Testing valves and fittings on test benches constitutes an essential part of production procedure. Each article undergoes a series of tests and trials to check its conformity with set specifications, i.e. tightness, operability, hydraulic, aerodynamic parameters, resistance to vibration, shock resistance, resistance to external impacts. At that, quantitative and qualitative parameters, calculations correctness, justification of applied materials and components are also checked. All test benches comply with certain safety requirements, i.e. safety requirements to production facilities, equipment and working stations arrangements, equipment installation and operation, personnel safety requirements, requirements to trials preparation and conduction, safety requirements to maintenance and repair, requirements to protective devices. Unique research and development complex of DB Armas is properly approved and certified to conduct the following trials:     

– Leakage test and test for operation with various working mediums: air, water, HPA, paraffin-glycerin-water liquid;

– Determination of vibroacoustic and metering characteristic for various working mediums: air, water, paraffin-glycerin-water liquid;

– Vibration and shock resistance tests, climatic tests.


Test bench VVD-400 for ship borne valves and fittings


In order to ensure effective exploitation of valves and fittings, DB Armas conducts trainings, develops regulatory documents and norms, provides supervision and technical assistance, conducts technical and after-sales service, as well as repair of supplied products.  


Ship valve produced by DB “Armas”, JSC SSTC


When cooperating with Russian and foreign Customers, DB Armas resolves various technical issues, focused on development of industrial potential and innovation in valves and fittings production:

– Development of valves and fittings in accordance with requirements of the Customer;

– Manufacture and testing of valves and fittings of all types;

– Rendering services related to technical support, warranty and post-warranty maintenance, repair of valves and fittings;

– Training on basis of design, production and trials of valves and fittings;

– Development and implementation of digital duplicates;

– Development of state-of-the-art advanced production facilities for production and testing of valves and fittings;

– Rendering technical assistance in equipping production facilities, purposed for production and testing of valves and fittings;

– Development of regulatory documents, norms, guidances, procedural and technological documents for development, production and testing of valves and fittings.     

Production and scientific experience, gathered by DB Armas and JSC SSTC and also high requirements to quality of designed and manufactured articles, as well as availability of own test and production facilities ensures reliable and long-term operation of manufactured valves and fittings on ships, vessels and other industrial facilities. 





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