The Present is Great With the Future

Alexandra Grigorenko
Editor-in-chief of the "New Defence Order. Strategy"

"The present is great with the future"


The connectedness of the present and the future down to the smallest atom of our existence has increased the necessity of securing a place in race among tech-savvy adversaries and partners. Empowering the both civil and military industry and bringing them to new levels of operations is more possible today than any time before thanks to the fast pace digitalization is going at.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said that the best way to predict the future is to create it, however, the question remains, how competent can we be in taking the inherent challenges that will come along?  Not only known or visible players like ministries of defence or industrial entities should be involved in the discourse about the new level of existence we have come but non-traditional actors that might have been out of our scope before have to partisipate. Our survival is not just based on our intellect and resources, because many have those, but on our ability to adapt to change, as Darwin put it. Digitalization is an enabler of change, and at the same time it is our opportunity to adapt to a changing world.

The International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2020 embraces digitalisation as an essential part of the process of strengthening the capabilities and improving performance of the military-industrial complex. This year’s Forum is a golden opportunity for those who are ‘making the future’ to discuss the potentials of digitalisation at a bigger scale and act on the results of these discussions by implementing solutions and adapting them to existing realities.

Participants and visitors of ARMY-2020 Forum and Army Games this year will get to enjoy the display and showcasing of some state-of-the-art technologies that are game changers not only in the military sphere, but in civil and dual-use industries, thus working towards new means of diversification at its highest level and increasing information superiority and capabilities in meeting global challenges.

The New Defence Order. Strategy magazine organizes a special event on the sidelines of ARMY-2020 to give an opportunity for enterprises experts and government officials to discuss current challenges and future projects. Round table “The Military Industrial Complex 2030. Practical Forecasting as a Tool for Modern Development of Industry, Legislation, and Management" will function as a means of identifying priority niches in order to help us be at the forefront of the technological and digital development in the coming decades.

‘The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed’  William Gibson.

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