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French Ministry of Armed Forces Covers ARMY-2020

The International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2020 is organised by the Russian Ministry of Defence and proved to be the major exhibition event in Russia in the field of advanced technologies, armament, military equipment for the armed forces and security agencies. A team from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces visited the Forum and shared their…
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New Combat Module to be Designed for Russia’s Bumerang Platform

Russia’s Military Industrial Company, the manufacturer of off-roaders and Tigr armored vehicles, will design a new combat module for the entire range of its products, including the advanced Bumerang wheeled combat platform, company CEO Alexander Krasovitsky told TASS on Tuesday.   «We have signed a contract with a Russian company and will start producing our…
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The Price of the Newest Armored Personnel Carrier on Bumerang Chassis will be Cut by at Least Two Thirds

General Director of the “Military Industrial Company” Aleksandr Krasovitskiy said that the armored carrier based on the Bumerang chassis will have a “good export potential” following the price reduction.  Bumerang is a prospective unified wheeled chassis developed by MIC. It was the base model for the infantry fighting vehicle with the same name, first presented…
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Export of Infantry Combat Vehicles from Russia

By Andrey Frolov  Export of armoured vehicles from Russia is one of the main ones with regard to supply of equipment for ground troops. Supplies of armoured fighting vehicles T-90 of various modifications are the most known in media, while supply of APCs and ICVs remains in some shade. Although, by scopes of supplies in post-Soviet…
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Turkey – Russia’s “Old Friend”

On November 24, 2015 a Russian Su-24M frontline bomber was shot down on its mission against Islamist militants on the Syrian-Turkish border. An air-to-air missile launched by a Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter not only destroyed a Russian aircraft and killed one pilot, but also undermined the Russian-Turkish relations, which had supposedly thrived and gained…
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RAE-2015: Import and Export

The 10th Anniversary Russia Arms Expo (RAE) 2015 was held in Nizhny Tagil. This year 250 Russian and foreign arms makers demonstrated their products at the exhibition. Over 25,000 guests including delegations from 65 countries (including the USA and Western Europe countries) visited exhibition pavilions with arms prototypes and military products. Most of the event…
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