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Negotiating contracts for Russian armaments in the first three quarters of 2017

By Andrei Frolov 2017 has a chance to be remembered as a revolutionary year in the history of Russian foreign arms sales. This results from the fact that Russian arms producers have been particularly successful this year in making a number of breakthroughs in markets that were previously inaccessible, or nearly inaccessible – the petrol-states…
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Analysis of BMP-3 Combat Potential

By Artur Volkov.  Recently there are a lot of talks about the new and advanced examples of armored vehicles. Definitely, the advanced developments imply the significant newsworthy information, however, prior to talking about future, it is important to analyze the existing examples, and compare them with the world competitors. Such an approach always extends the…
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UASUV 2017 Med

1st International Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition of Unmanned Air-Surface-Underwater Vehicles 17-19 May 2017 Athens, Greece An unique and innovative event will take place in Mediterranean for the first time. The aim of the event is to highlight the unmanned vehicles technologies in all the aspects and to show the major practical role in some areas…
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NATO and Global Policy in Rambo Style

By Gabriela Ionita. When viewed from a world-wide perspective America is what in the language of Hollywood producers is called an overplay. This means a play-actor, not very bright and talented, but possessing with very distinctive physical features who exaggerates all the techniques he knows, from gestures to his speech, trying to be noticeable or…
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Arms Export: Weapon Generation Change Around the Corner

  According to reliable sources, including Western expert community, Russia continues to hold its position as the world’s second largest arms exporter.   By Leonid Nersisyan For example, the research group for the U.S. Congress states that in 2014 the arms export income of Russian companies totaled $10.2 billion, maintaining the same level in comparison…
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Ship Captains are Required for Geological Exploration

  In the Soviet era, the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau was involved in design of all the models of Air Cushion Crafts or ACC intended for the Soviet Navy, such as Skat, Kalmar and Jeyran LCACs, including the Zubr Class system, the world’s largest landing craft. In the interview below, Dmitry Tsymlyakov, the ACC…
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