19 Foreign Armies Invited to Victory Parade in Moscow

Parade teams of 19 foreign states have been invited to participate in Victory Parade in Moscow on June 24. Minister of Defence, Sergey Shoigu announced this at the ministry’s conference call today.

"About 14,000 personnel, including over 800 cadets of pre-University educational institutions and the Young Army movement," the defence chief said.

Furthermore, the parade will feature "225 items of armament, military and special hardware and 75 aircraft. The spectators will be able to see over 20 latest military models, including Su-57 and MiG-31K aircraft," he added.

In total, the military parades will take place in 9 hero cities and 19 cities across Russia that have the headquarters of military districts, fleets and army. They will involve 64,000 personnel, 1,850 weapon systems and 511 aircraft, said Shoigu.

Moreover, the MInister of Defence said that Russia has invited parade teams of 19 Foreign Armies to take part in this event.

On 16 April, President Putin announced a decision to postpone the Victory Day Parade, over fears of Covid-19. Later, on 25 May, he said that the parade will be on June 24.

Putin chose this date because the legendary, historic parade of victors took place on June 24, 1945. The president ordered the defence minister to prevent any risks for health of the parade participants.

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