Defence Industry Restores Pre-pandemic Production Rates

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov paid a visit to the enterprises of the United Engine Corporation in Perm on 09 September. In his visit, Borisov said o that the enterprises of the defence industry are recovering and now they are reaching production rates of the period before the pandemic, reports TASS.

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"The coronavirus pandemic affected everything, our second quarter fell out, and people were quarantined. Nevertheless, they picked up the pace and today the enterprises are reaching their capacities," said the deputy prime minister.

Earlier, Borisov said that the coronavirus pandemic did not affect the schedule for the implementation of work by the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex on the state defence order.

According to him, the production of new models of civil aircraft will allow the enterprises of the Russian aviation industry to reach the production diversification indicators set by President Putin.

"If we talk about the aviation industry, then initially the positions in the production of civilian products are higher than in other industries, because a lot of civilian aircraft are produced. Today, they make over 30% of the volume of civil orders. But by 2030 they will exceed the plan of 50% that the President set for us, due to the launch of new models, "Borisov said.

He noted thatthe talk here is about MS-21, Il-114, L-410, L-610. "We hope that the volume of civilian products will only grow," the Deputy Prime Minister said

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