KEDR ICBM Production Starts in 2023-2024

According to sources in the Russian Ministry of Defence, Russia will start the development of a new generation of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Kedr. The plan is to begin in 2023-2024, TASS reports.

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"Research work on Kedr has been financed under the current state arms procurement programme, which is in effect until 2027. Technological development will begin in 2023-2024," TASS quoted its source.

According to the source of the State news agency, solid-fuel Kedr ICBMs will be replacing Yars systems by the end of 2030. Just like their predecessor, the new system will have mobile and silo-based modifications, he added.

TASS noted that it has not been unable yet to obtain an official comment from the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, which had developed Topol, Topol-M, and Yars strategic missile systems currently in service with the Russian armed forces.

Earlier on 1 March, the agency stated that a source in the space industry revealed that Russian defense companies had launched engineering drafting work on the new-generation Kedr intercontinental ballistic missile system. According to this source, the development of the Kedr ICBM "aims to upgrade strategic missile weapons. It is part of the work to develop a new generation [of missile systems]."

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