MoD Completes Clinical Trials of Covid-19 Vaccine

Russian Ministry of Defence, together with the National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. Gamaleya, have successfully completed the phase of clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus, announced the ministry today.

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On the morning of 20 July, the second group of 20 volunteers was discharged from the military hospital. Before discharge, the volunteers in accordance with the study protocol underwent a final examination and passed control blood tests.

The available test results unambiguously show the development of an immune response in all volunteers as a result of vaccination. No side effects, complications or undesirable reactions, health complaints from the volunteers at the time of discharge were identified.

The data of daily examinations and interviews, instrumental and laboratory diagnostics accumulated during clinical trials will be transferred for processing to the National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.Gamaleya in order to comprehensively assess the dynamics and specificity of the immune response and prepare for state registration of the vaccine preparation.

At the same time, to confirm the achieved positive effect, safety and tolerability of the vaccine, all volunteers on the 42nd day after the first vaccination will again undergo a control examination.

Clinical trials of the vaccine on volunteers at the Russian Ministry of Defence were carried out in full compliance with the current legislation and scientific methodology, without any attempts to shorten the study time to avoid the risks of its use in the future.

Throughout the study, the volunteers were under the continuous supervision of medical specialists at the Burdenko Hospital, who have extensive experience in clinical trials of drugs.

The head of the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after N.Burdenko, Major General Yevgeny Kryukov, expressed his gratitude to the servicemen and civilian volunteers who entrusted their health for the experiment, showed steadfastness and endurance, being in isolation for more than 40 days, and also thanked them families for patience.

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