New Equipment for Tank Army of WMD in 2020

The latest weapons and military equipment will be delivered to the formations and military units of the guards tank army of the Western Military District stationed in the Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Smolensk, Ivanovo and Yaroslavl regions as part of the state defense order. In 2020, as part of the state defense order, the army will receive more than 250 units of military and special equipment.


During the year, the tank units will receive deeply modernized T-72B-3 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3, armored personnel carriers BTR-82A, chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-6-01, TDA-3 machines, rocket infantry flamethrowers RPO-PDM-A «Shmel-M», military mobile sawmill complexes VMLK, mobile engineering repair complexes PIRK, engineering tank minesweeper TMT-S, auto-filling stations ARS - 14KM. - the commander emphasized.

Source - MoD