Russia’s Latest Artillery And Mortar Systems To Go Into Serial Production In 2021

The trials of the latest artillery and mortar systems developed by the Burevestnik Central Research Institute (part of Uralvagonzavod manufacturer within the state corporation Rostec) will end in the coming 18 months, after which they will go into serial production, the Uralvagonzavod press office told TASS on Thursday.

«In the coming 18 months, there are plans to complete a set of trials of the 82mm Drok self-propelled mortar, the 120mm Floks self-propelled artillery gun mounted on the truck chassis and the 152mm Magnolia self-propelled gun placed on the chassis of the armored tracked two-section transporter,» the press office said.

«During this period, the serial production of these guns will begin,» it added.

Russian Army Commander-in-Chief Army General Oleg Salyukov said in an interview with the Defense Ministry’s newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda in November 2019 that the defense industry was completing the Nabrosok R&D work to develop a whole family of highly mobile artillery and mortar armament based on various types of the chassis, including for operations in the Arctic region to increase the mobility and the firepower of battalion-level artillery.

Under its Nabrosok R&D work, the Burevestnik Central Research Institute has developed the Floks and Magnolia self-propelled artillery guns and also the Drok mortar. The Floks self-propelled artillery gun is placed on the wheeled chassis of the Ural vehicle and the Magnolia on the two-section tracked platform for moving across soft-soil terrain while the Drok self-propelled mortar is mounted on the wheeled chassis of the Taifun-K vehicle.

Source - TASS

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