Russian Army to Recieve Over 30 new Tornado MLRS in 2020

The Russian Armed Forces will get more than 30 new Tornado family multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) in 2020, the Russian Ministry of Defence said on Sunday.

"The delivery of more than thirty modern multiple launch rocket systems to units of rocket troops and artillery of the Russian Federation Armed Forces is planned by the end of this year. Tornado-G and Tornado-S MLRS will be handed over by manufacturing companies to the Russian Defence Ministry within the framework of performing the state defence order," the Ministry said.

The Russian 300-mm MLRS Tornado-S comprises an upgraded combat vehicle equipped with an automated fire control system, new rockets and corrected rockets with the separated high explosive element. The 122-mm MLRS Tornado-G is intended for firing against manpower, armoured vehicles, artillery batteries and command posts.

Source - TASS

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