Russian “Dreamer” for American Amateurs and Russian Cadets

Aeroconcept, a small Volgograd company, presented its PJ-II “Dreamer” light airplane at the MAKS 2019 Air Show.

The unique design feature is the airplane’s patented Duckted Fun type propulsion unit with two fans in the ducts that resemble jet pods but operate with a 388 h.p. sport car General Motors LS6 engine. The modernized car engine working on both gasoline and jet fuel provides high reliability and ease of operation at a low flight hour cost.

The possibility of simulating control of a jet aircraft is stated as the main advantage of the original machine, which is especially important for initial training. PJ-II “Dreamer” cruise speed is 350 km/h, flying range is up to 1200 km, it can perform aerobatic maneuvers. It is allowed to equip the airplane with a more powerful engine (for example GM LS 3 or LS 7 with the power of 450 h.p. or 500 h.p. respectively).   

The first flight model of the airplane presented at MAKS has a flying time of more than 70 hours and previously took part in the Sun-N-Fun experimental aviation show in the USA. At the moment, only private individuals are listed among the buyers: two airplanes are in the process of production, one of which is for a buyer from the USA; 76 more preliminary requests have been made. The rates of production are limited by the technical capabilities of Aeroconcept which is presently seeking to expand its production base.

With a view to the Western aircraft enthusiasts, the airplane, in addition to the assembled version, is also offered in a “do-it-yourself” format traditionally popular abroad.   

Text and photo by Aleksandr Yermakov

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