Strategic Missile Force to Hold Over 100 Drills in 2020

The Russian Ministry of Defence announced to day that Russia’s Strategic Missile Force will hold more than 100 different drills. This will be during the summer training period that starts on June 1.

"During the summer training period, the Strategic Missile Force (SMF) will conduct over 30 tactical drills with missile regiments. More than 70 special tactical exercises with logistics and military security forces," said the statement.

"In logistics units, the duration of measures to practice tasks in field conditions will increase to one month. The number of regiment, battalion, and company-level exercises will also grow," the statement said.

Drills will focus on increasing the combat training of personnel and the complexity of the requirements to the level of training of all categories of military personnel. It will also work on increasing the application of promising weapons and new technology during training.

Trainings will involve onsite classes on learning how to operate new missile systems and there will be a wide use of advanced weapon systems. These new programmes and methods will help fully use the latest inherent operational characteristics of weapon systems.

The Strategic Missile Force is a branch of the Russian Armed Forces. It controls Russia's land-based intercontinental missiles (ICBM).

The summer training period starts on June 1. It includes over 3,600 combat training events.

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