Strategic Missile Forces to Get 12 Wheeled Road Vehicles in 2020

Strategic Missile Forces are to receive 12 wheeled road vehicles this year, said the department of information and mass communications of Russia's Ministry of Defence.

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The statement published on 21 June said that the engineering units of the Strategic Missile Forces will continue to receive supplies of new technology in 2020. The plan is to deliver 12 wheeled road vehicles to units of the Missile Forces located between Tver and Irkutsk regions.

The latest wheeled road vehicle, designed specifically for the engineering units of the Strategic Missile Forces, will replace five models of engineering equipment that were designed to prepare and maintain combat patrol routes and field positions of mobile ground missile systems.

The capabilities of the new wheeled road vehicle allow replacing the aging BAT-M and PKT way builders, as well as the BKT-RK2 wheeled bulldozer.

The new wheeled road vehicle has a number of completely new functions; the presence of replaceable equipment on the machine will enable military personnel to carry out loading and unloading operations.

Furthermore, it has has the potential to be retrofitted with working equipment, which will allow it, if necessary, to clear stumps, sort blockages, and even go through reinforced concrete and metal products.

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