Sukhoi to Start Serial Production of Su-57

JSC Sukhoi Company has released its annual report for the year 2019. According to this report, Sukhoi is planning to start the serial production of an export version of the Su-57 stealth fighter and thus enter it into the combat drones market. 

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“The long-term prospects for the company in the market of military aircraft are related to the serial production of the Su-57 (PAK FA, T-50) and its export version, as well as the entry of unmanned aircraft systems into the market,” said the company in the report .

About the competition in the international market, the report mentions main competitors of JSC Sukhoi in aviation industry:

  • The main competitors of the Company in the field of military aviation are the American companies Lockheed Martin (F-16, F-35, F-22) and Boeing (F-15, F / A-18), as well as the Western European consortium Eurofighter (EF-2000).
  • In some regional markets, the Swedish company SAAB (JAS-39 Gripen), the French Dassault Aviation (Rafale) and the Chinese Chengdu (J-10, J-20, J -31) compete.

As for aircrafts produced by the Sukhoi, competitor foreign aircrafts that perform similar combat missions are:

  • for the Su-35 multipurpose fighter aircraft of generation 4 ++, the competitors are F-35, F-15, F / A-18, F-16, Rafale, Typhoon, J-20;
  • tasks performed by the Su-32 / Su-34 fighter-bomber are similarly performed by the F-15E, F / A-18, F-16, F-35A, Rafale and Typhoon.
  • as for the multi-functional fighter Su-57, the competitors are F-22, F-35, J-20, Rafale and Typhoon.

According to this report, Russian manufacturers of Su-class fighters will occupy a share of 8% to 10% of world market, which will allow the Company to consistently stay in the top five global manufacturers of military aircrafts. On the other hand, estimates indicate that in the near future the main share of the world's fighter aircraft will be the American F-35.

"Among the countries most interested in the export of Russian military aircrafts are countries of the Asia-Pacific region, Southeast Asia and North Africa," said the company in its report.

The Company added that tests of the Su-57 prototypes were conducted. In 2019, the delivery of the Su-57 aircraft of the installation lot was planned. However, an accident occurred during the acceptance test flight.

The fifth-generation Su-57 fighter is designated to destroy all types of air, ground and naval targets. The aircraft develops supersonic cruising speed, carries armament inside its fuselage, features stealth coating and the latest onboard equipment.

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