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The Ups and Downs of Test Pilots

This is an article about the history and fate of the amazing people who let the mankind step into the sky, about their successes, failures, accidents and achievements. The victors Obviously, the first test pilots, in the sense that we are putting in the word today, were the builders of the first airplanes, aerodynes. But…
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Shield and Sword of Import Substitution

The past year has posed a number of challenges for Russia that have not been approached as critical before. It is already clear now that if the country intends to preserve its economical independence it can not do without import substitution.   Text:  Oleg Bystritsky Complex of inevitabilities As the international cooperation continued to develop,…
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BRICS – a Peaceful Attack on the USA Starts with a Dollar

Relations between the US and China have moved on to a new footing. They have taken the step for the worse amid territorial disputes concerning the area covered by the South China Sea. Starting of high-profile mutual recriminations by officers of Foreign Ministries presenting both parties was only a matter of time thereat. In other…
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