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Arms Export: Weapon Generation Change Around the Corner

  According to reliable sources, including Western expert community, Russia continues to hold its position as the world’s second largest arms exporter.   By Leonid Nersisyan For example, the research group for the U.S. Congress states that in 2014 the arms export income of Russian companies totaled $10.2 billion, maintaining the same level in comparison…
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International Economic Forum panel sessions in New Delhi

Prospects for Russian–Indian cooperation discussed at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum panel sessions in New Delhi On January 30, 2016, two St. Petersburg International Economic Forum panel sessions on bilateral relations between Russia and India took place in New Delhi: “Fulfilling the Indian–Russian economic promise” and “BRICS growth agenda: investment hot spots in Russia”. It was…
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Space for Everybody

Weiyang is a tiny planet with the orbit inside the Mercury orbit. On average its distance from the Sun is about ten million kilometers. It was discovered three years ago by Chinese comrades and called “Weiyang” – “the Sun’s bodyguard” or something like that. […] Lu Shi-er failed to closely approach this planet but he…
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Import Substitution: Next Step

“Defence industry is the significant scientific potential, the crème de la crème of engineering society, and companies that are able to meet today's challenges of any kind. These are the companies with the biggest scientific and engineering potential. Demonstration of our military equipment is a clear proof of this point” Oleg Sienko, CEO of Research…
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What kind of the BRICS does Russia need?

The Russia's "U-turn to the East" started and turned into a strategic course long before the famous Crimean events. However, "the light at the end of the tunnel" for the BRICS transformation into the real, working union of states is far from being seen. The BRICS with its own financial system? Russian President Vladimir Putin…
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BRICS – a Peaceful Attack on the USA Starts with a Dollar

Relations between the US and China have moved on to a new footing. They have taken the step for the worse amid territorial disputes concerning the area covered by the South China Sea. Starting of high-profile mutual recriminations by officers of Foreign Ministries presenting both parties was only a matter of time thereat. In other…
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