GSCI to bring their new Canadian-made Quadro-G Fusion Goggles to the Asian Military Market

GSCI - the company behind some of the most innovative modern night vision and thermal imaging devices - will begin showcasing the newest addition to their already expansive lineup of advanced detection systems. In just a few weeks, Jakarta will be hosting IndoDefence 2018, an exhibition that will feature the highly anticipated GSCI Quadro-G Fusion Goggles. Designed as a counterpart to the groundbreaking Quadro-S Fusion Weapon Sight, the new system will strive to reach the same level of acclaim amongst international Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

“With the Quadro-G, we’ve taken the core functionality of the Quadro-S and pivoted away from its weapon mounted operation to instead focus on a tactical goggle that is better suited for versatile, short-to-medium range surveillance and reconnaissance,” said Andrew B., lead technician at GSCI. “The Dual-Eyepiece design is paired with a lightweight, helmet-mountable housing that makes the Quadro-G the only true fusion system of its kind. The operator’s safety depends on the reliability and adaptability of their equipment, and we’re proud to say we’ve created a fusion system that does exactly that.”

In case you’re not familiar with this technology yet, GSCI’s fusion systems operate in 4 distinct, manually-cycled modes: thermal, daytime, nighttime, and a day/night hybrid view, aptly named Fusion mode. These channels work together to produce a lag-free video image that gives the operator unmatched situational awareness in any low-light scenario. GSCI’s fusion technology is undeniably considered top-tier within the industry, which is no surprise coming from a company that’s garnered a reputation for high-end, professional-grade devices over the last two decades. The Quadro-G is certainly no exception.



-             The highest available FPA Resolution of 640x480

-             Easy and intuitive multi-channel operation, minimal training required.

-             Auto-NUC for smooth, uninterrupted, quiet operation (no clicks or sounds, no calibration needed)

-             Fast, high performance Germanium lens with the lowest F-number for a sharp, clear image

-             High Refresh Rate of 50Hz for a constantly smooth live video feed

-             Wide Field of View enhancing situation awareness

-             Binocular type Fusion Goggles system makes hands-free operation more convenient

-             Light Weight, yet Durable Hard-Anodized Aluminum Housing

-             Waterproof IP66 or Better (Optional)

-             Optional built-in video recorder, expandable to 32 GB

-             Short start up time of up to 3 seconds

-             Longest in the industry, 7 year limited warranty

-             Full Mil. Std. compliant



This ITAR-free, Canadian-made device is available to be exported worldwide. For more details, email, call +1 905-850-0990 or visit GSCI at IndoDefence 2018 – Stand B077, Hall B.