The eighth International Maritime Defence Show IMDS-2017 finished in Saint-Petersburg


The eighth International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2017) finished its work successfully. The Show is one of the world leading exhibitions in the field of shipbuilding and naval armament.

The results of the Show demonstrate its high demand among marine industry enterprises. Its high status and place in the world system of defense exhibitions were reconfirmed.

IMDS-2017 exhibitors became 443 enterprises from 31 countries including 50 foreign enterprises. The exposition occupied 17 000 sq.m. of exhibition space in the halls as well as outdoor display, Sea Terminal quays and water area of the exhibition complex. All leading marine enterprises of Russia were presented as the participants of the Show. The great part of the exposition was occupied by manufacturers of component equipment, appliances, electronic elements, information technologies and double purpose products.

IMDS-2017 broad format allowed to present the products of enterprises at stands and the full-scale models near the quays and on outdoor areas as well as to demonstrate maritime artillery weapons in action at the artillery range.

Demonstration part at Sea Terminal quays presented the ships and the boats of the Russian Defence Ministry, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and the Russian Emergency Ministry:

  • ADMIRAL MAKAROV frigate project 11356;
  • STOYKIY corvette project 20380;
  • АLEKSANDR OBUHOV coastal minesweeper project 12700;
  • SERPUHOV small missile ship project 21631;
  • EVGENY KOCHESHKOV air-cushion landing ship project 12322;
  • PREDANNY border patrol boat project 22460;
  • MANGUST border patrol boat project 12150;
  • MANGUST fast patrol boat project 12150;
  • NAKHIMOVETS anti-saboteur boat project 21980;
  • RAPTOR patrol boat project 03160;
  • Large hydrographic boat project 19920 BGK-2149;
  • Multifunctional modular boat project 23370 SMK-2098;
  • Landing craft project 11770 DKA-791;
  • Workboat BL-820;
  • Inshore diving boat project 23040 RBK-1064;
  • Rigid inflatable boat BL-680;
  • Tugboat project 02790 MB-96;


Participating enterprises of the Show demonstrated 32 boats at the quays of the exhibition complex.

At Rzhevka the artillery range of Russian Defence Ministry naval artillery demonstrations were successfully held for official foreign delegations and mass-media representatives:

  • 130 mm universe naval gun mount А-192M;
  • 130 mm naval gun mount AK-130;
  • 100 mm automatic naval gun mount A-190-01;
  • 100 mm gun mount AK-100;
  • 76 mm gun mount AK-176M;
  • 76 mm gun mount AK-176MA;
  • 30 mm gun mount AK-230;
  • 30 mm lightweight gun mount AK-306;
  • 30 mm automatic gun mount AK-630M;
  • MRG-1;
  • KORD machine gun.

IMDS-2017 brought 56 official delegations from 52 countries. Almost all countries dealing with production and exploitation of naval equipment attended the Show. The President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, four Commanders of Naval Forces and other high-ranked officials visited the Show as official delegations. The extensive program of delegations was fully implemented. Its format and size exceeded previous IMDS exhibitions.

Official foreign delegations visited such enterprises as Krylov State Research Centre, Baltic Shipyard Ltd., Marine engineering services AQUA-SERVIS.

There were more than 120 official negotiations in which the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation, officials of FSMTC of the Russian Federation, representatives of Rosoboronexport JSC and United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC took part.

Within congress and business events there were 22 events including four scientific conferences at the exhibition complex area and at Severnaya Verf Shipyard PJSC :

  • International conference “Navy and Shipbuilding Nowadays 2017”;
  • 18th International conference MORINTECH-PRACTIC “Information Technologies in Shipbuilding-2017”;
  • International conference “PLM -FORUM IMDS-2017 “Shipbuilding Product Lifecycle Management. Information support”;
  • International conference “Simulation and complex modeling in marine engineering and transporting systems” (ICM MTMTS 2017).

At the stand of Gorky Zelenodolsk Plant JSC (inside the group Ak Bars Holding Company) a shipbuilding and naval engineering cooperation agreement was signed with Shipbuilding & Shiprepairing Center JSC as well as a military and civil ship design cooperation agreement with Krylov State Research Centre.  

Traditionally there were two IMDS-2017 award sailing regattas supported by the sailing union of Saint-Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Regional Information Center TASS carried out information support and organization of IMDS-2017 press-center. The Show was covered by 588 journalists from 187 mass media including 47 foreign ones from 15 countries.

Over 47 000 specialists visited IMDS-2017. Considering the link of St. Petersburg citizens with marine industry, patriotic traditions and interest to the event, citizens and guests had an opportunity to attend the exhibition and to see the warships at the quays.

The results of the Show are the evidence of Russian and foreign companies pursue the active marketing policy aimed to broaden their participation in the international cooperation related to development and production of sophisticated technical systems such as warships. 

The Show has been dynamically developing, proving its high efficiency and importance.

Press service of Morskoy Salon Co. Ltd.

2 July, 2017.

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