The First Flight of the Next Generation of F-18 Fighter

Boeing announced on 3 June that it has delivered the first Super Hornet test aircraft for the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angel flight demonstration squadron.

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In a press release published on its website, Boeing said that the aircraft will now enter the flight test and evaluation phase at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland. The company expects to deliver a total of 11 aircraft for the squadron in 2020.

Major modifications include the addition of an oil tank for the smoke-generation system, fuel systems that enable the aircraft to fly inverted for extended periods of time, civilian-compatible navigation equipment, cameras and adjustments for the aircraft’s centre of gravity.

Moreover, this latest version of the Super Hornet includes an advanced cockpit system; advanced network infrastructure; reduced radar cross-section; and a 10,000-flight hour lifespan.

Today, Boeing Defense shared a footage of the the first flight of the next generation of F-18 on its Twitter page.

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