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  • New Page in the EU Defence Policy?
    The expansion of autonomous European capacities in the field of defense and security has been discussed in the EU for several years. The topic became...
  • IMF: Why We Must Resist Geoeconomic Fragmentation—And How?
    According to a team of experts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world economy is going through the most serious shock since the Second...
  • Global South Prospects
    The experts of Valdai discussion Club shared their views on the prospects for creating integration platforms in the Global South. The world economy is experiencing...

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  • WEF Experts on the Future of Globalization
    The year 2022 will probably go down in history as a turning point. Against the background of the ongoing pandemic, there are significant geopolitical transformations,...
  • Nord Stream-2 for Russian Needs
    Gazprom will direct the capacities of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline to gasification of the North-Western region of Russia. On May 5, a message appeared on...
  • New Challenges for Russian CPUs
    The UK has included Russian CPU developers MCST and Baikal Electronics in the sanctions lists. The measures involve freezing assets and restricting work with counterparties....

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