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  • IX Moscow Conference on International Security
    The 9th Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS-2021), organised by the Russian Ministry of Defence, opened on Wednesday in Moscow. The forum will discuss global...
  • Rogozin: I Would Not Want to Monetise everything
    Astronauts will control the implementation of the State Order, young scientists will fly to the International Space Station (ISS), and the European Union will participate...
  • ARMY-2021 Tickets Are on Sale Now!
    The International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2021 will be held from 22 to 28 August 2021 at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, at the Alabino training...

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  • ARMY-2021
  • Industry 4.0
  • By Olesya Zagorskaya
    Military-technical cooperation and military-industrial complex in conceptual documents of post-Soviet states
  • By Alexander Mladenov
    Mi-24s still serving in Eastern Europe

The Saudi Delegation with the head of Tactical Missiles Corporation, Boris Obnoso

#КТРВ #МВМС #IMDS #SaudiArabia #RSNF


Save the date - on 1st July at 8:48AM (ET) / 1:48PM (BST), we’ll be launching our 8th set of satellites. Taking our constellation to a total of 254 satellites, this launch will allow us to provide complete coverage north of 50 degrees latitude by the end of the 2021 🌍

The #Tunisian army shared some more details concerning the CT operation that took place in May 17th and took out 5 Al Qaeda leaders including the Emir of KUBN.
As it was speculated, they were taken out by an airstrike.

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