Nord Stream-2 for Russian Needs

Gazprom will direct the capacities of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline to gasification of the North-Western region of Russia. On May 5, a message appeared on the company's Telegram channel that the excess Russian onshore gas transmission capacities of the Nord Stream-2 project will be used to develop gas supply to these regions.

"We are talking about the third and fourth lines of the Bovanenkovo—Ukhta and Ukhta—Gryazovets system, as well as the Gryazovets—Ust-Luga gas pipeline. It was planned to supply gas to Nord Stream-2 in Ust-Luga" Kommersant comments.

It is also reported that if the German side decides to put the offshore gas pipeline into operation, only one line with 100% load can be included in the work. The inclusion of the second line in the work is possible no earlier than 2028.

Currently Germany shared no plans to return to the operation of the Nord Stream. According to the German Energy Ministry's plan published in April, the country plans to completely abandon the import of Russian gas by mid-2024 by increasing LNG supplies.

On February 22, the German government suspended the certification of the Nord Stream-2 project after Russia recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. Later, the United States imposed sanctions against the operator of the project, Nord Stream 2 AG, which soon declared bankruptcy.

Source: Gazprom

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