Lebedev Modular Pistol Enters Serial Production in 2021

The Kalashnikov Group announced on Tuesday that the Lebedev modular pistol has successfully completed state trials. Russia’s state commission approved the results of the pistol’s state trials and recommended that the handgun be accepted for service in the National Guard, the Kalashnikov press office added.

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The pistol was being created under a technical assignment from the National Guard as part of the ‘Rys’ experimental design work, ‘Developing an Advanced Pistol Chambered for the 9x19 mm Cartridge with Expanded Tactical Capabilities'.

“This is a very important event for the Kalashnikov Group, completing a whole cycle of work. Although the pistol was developed under a tactical and technical assignment from the National Guard and is primarily geared to its requirements, we hope that potentially this pistol may be of interest for other agencies," commented the Kalashnikov Group CEO, Dmitry Tarasov.

The state commission approved the results of state tests of the pistol and recommended it for adoption by the National Guard of Russia.

"The work on the Lebedev modular pistol began in 2017 under a tactical-technical assignment from the National Guard. This work was accomplished in full and the trials were completed with a positive result," said the Deputy Director of the Federal National Guard Troops Service, Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard Troops Alexei Bezzubikov.

The Lebedev modular pistol has been developed in its standard configuration and in a version for special tasks outfitted with a suppressor, an additional barrel with a seat for a suppressor, and elements for placing the handgun on a serviceman’s combat outfit.

The pistol has a high modernization potential: it allows using various attachments, larger-capacity magazines, and a trigger mechanism with an automatic fire mode, the Kalashnikov Group said.

The Kalashnikov Group (part of the state tech corporation Rostec) will enter serial production of the latest Lebedev modular pistol in 2021, the Kalashnikov press office told TASS on Wednesday.

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