ZALA 421-08 Tested in Antractica

Zala Aero, a subsidiary of the Kalashnikov Group, has tested its ZALA 421-08 unmanned aerial vehicle in extreme Antarctic conditions at minus 52 degrees Celsius.


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Head of Special Projects at ZALA Aero, Nikita Khamitov, told TASS that the ZALA 421-08 small unmanned aerial vehicle is being used by scientists in Antarctica.  

According to the news agency, Khamitov said that the flight duration of the UAV exceeded 1.5 hours, the communication range is 15-30 kilometres, maximum weight is 2.5 kg., and a wingspan of 810mm.

The head of Special Projects added that ZALA drones are the only Russian UAVs that fly both in the North and South Pole. "Our operators used the devices at a maximum temperature of minus 52 degrees Celsius," he said.

Zala 421-08 is hand-launched, lightweight and quiet with the best payloads in its class. One-piece body construction, intelligent control and unmatched performance with minimum requirements to personnel qualification.

 ZALA AERO GROUP is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems, unique payloads, and mobile systems. In January 2015 ZALA AERO became part of Kalashnikov Concern.

Zala's main products are reconnaissance unmanned systems and digital solutions. Currently, more than 2000 ZALA UAS operate within Russia. Areas of application are the protection of state borders, reconnaissance and rescue operations, monitoring of high-risk facilities, and emergencies.

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