Refined S-70 with a Flat Nozzle Unveiled

The flight model of the S-70 Okhotnik UAV was unveiled at the  Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant earlier this week. For the first time, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) showed the "Okhotnik" equipped with a flat jet nozzle. This solution will reduce the radar signature of the vehicle.

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Another important decision is the creation of a new ground command post in accordance with the requirements of the military. Technologies tested on prototypes will be used to create other manned and unmanned advanced aircraft systems.

"The UAV concentrates the advanced achievements of enterprises and organizations of the domestic military-industrial complex, which made it possible to provide functional capabilities that are not inferior to, and in a number of parameters are superior to, a few foreign counterparts", said the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Alexei Krivoruchko. He noted that the Okhotnik is a highly intelligent system, it is capable of solving a wide range of tasks individually, in a group, and together with manned aircraft.

Work under the Okhotnik (Russian for Hunter) programme has been carried out at the Sukhoi Design Bureau since 2011. An experimental prototype with a traditional jet nozzle made its first flight in the framework of the programme in August 2019- it lasted 20 minutes. In the same year, its first joint flight with the fifth-generation fighter Su-57 took place.

“The S-70 is a promising aircraft with great potential for the development of a family of unmanned systems of the future on its basis. Working under the Okhotnik programme is one of the key areas for Sukhoi and UAC. The development of the unmanned direction fully meets the challenges of the time and the needs of the customer. Today we are making every effort to complete the tests as soon as possible and go into serial production,” commented UAC General Director Yuri Slyusar.

Source: UAC
Video: Zvezda

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