10000 AK-12 Assault Rifles for the Airborne Troops

About 10,000 units of the latest AK-12 assault rifles entered service with formations and military units of the Airborne Troops.

AK-12 assault rifle, developed by the Kalashnikov concern, has now a set of additional equipment. This includes a domestically-produced collimator sight, which allows aimed fire at head targets at a distance up to 500 meters.

Additionally, the assault rifle has a new cartridge clip. This new magazine allows to visually control the consumption of ammunition at any time, both in daylight and in the dark.

Compared with previous versions of the machine, the AK-12 has increased ergonomics and accuracy of fire. The manufacturer also increased the stock of barrel survivability, for the production of which they began to use new technology.

The AK-12 was demonstrated for the first time on May 9 last year at the Victory Parade in Moscow. About 400 paratroopers with AK-12 marched along Red Square as part of the combined regiment of the Airborne Troops.

The Ministry of Defence said that the airborne troops were the first in the Armed Forces to receive the latest AK-12 assault rifles.

The 5.45 mm Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle

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