SNSZ: Innovative Technologies In The Service Of The Navy

Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard (SNSZ, part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) is a leading Russian company in the field of composite shipbuilding. Since its foundation in 1912, more than 650 ships and vessels, including 300 mine countermeasures ships for the Russian Navy and foreign countries’ naval forces, have left the plant’s shipbuilding slips.


The concept of search and detection of mines has changed with development of technologies: nowadays, a customer needs not just ships capable to carry out minesweeping, but multi-functional hightech platforms that can combine functions of both minesweeper and mine-hunter.

To implement this task, the new generation ships are equipped with specialized controlled underwater vehicles. Their use allows to conduct remote search for and disposal of mines without entering a minefield. New mine countermeasures ships carry onboard vehicles of that kind as well as unmanned power-boats which substantially expand the search range and detection of mine-like objects. Also, one more important factor is reduction of the ship’s physical self-fields as the result of application of new non-magnetic materials in the process of her construction.

Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard has mastered series production of cutting-edge mine countermeasures ships for the base zone. These are the latest up-to-date projects, which are being developed with the instruments and technologies of the 21st century. Ships of the Project 12701, intended for the export market, are equipped with the newest means for search and neutralization of all mines types at a safe distance. Without entering a minefield, such a ship is able to conduct search, identification, and detection of all types of mines with the use of a Russian-manufactured countermine system as well as submersible vehicles made by the ECA (France).

The length of the ship is 61.6 m; the width, 10.3 m; displacement, 890 tons; the midship draft is 3.1 m. The crew consists of 44 people, the operational range is 1,500 miles, the cruising capacity, 10 days. Ships of this project are characterized by high maneuverability and sea-keeping ability (up to 5 points).

Two Russian-manufactured diesel engines M 503B-1 with a power of 2,500 h. p. each, made in low-magnetic version, are used as the main propulsion plant. The full speed of the ship is 16 knots. The Project 12701 ships have a great modernization capacity that allows adapting them to new tasks and mine disposal weapons according to a customer’s choice.

Inshore minesweeper of the Project 10750E is yet another contemporary ship that fully meets current requirements in regard to tactical and technical characteristics. Her main aim is counter measures against the mine threat in inner harbor areas, ports, and coast sea fairways, in the spots that have the most difficult assess and are hard-to-reach for navigation. She is able to solve effectively tasks of mine defence in such places where neither base type minesweepers nor mine-sweeping helicopters are able to work properly. The Project 10750E is rigged with up-to-date mine countermeasures equipment, the latest hydro acoustic mine detection stations as well as with remotely operated and unmanned undersea vehicles.

The length of the ship is 32.4 m; the width, 6.9 m; the full displacement, 165 tons; the draft, 1.75 m. The full speed of the ship is about 11 knots. The operational range is 650 miles; the cruising capacity, 5 days. The crew consists of 14 people, including three officers. Two engines MAN D2866LXE40 with the power of 379 h. p. each, made in low-magnetic version, are used as the main propulsion plant.

The outstanding feature of Projects 12701 and 10750E ships is their hull, which is a fiberglass monolith manufactured according to the advanced technology by the vacuum infusion method. The weight of such a hull is significantly lower compared to a metal one, which allows reducing the fuel consumption. At the same time, its durability is considerably increased. The hull of this type is resistant to corrosion and its lifetime is almost unlimited provided that performance standards are observed.

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