Autonomous DSRV Modernization & Repair

As part of the implementation of the "Search and Rescue Concepts", the Russian Navy is carrying out a modernization and repair programme of autonomous deep-submergence rescue vehicles (DSRV), said the Information Support Group of the Navy.

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The autonomous DSRV undergoing modernization are of the Priz and Bester types, which are in service with the search and rescue operations of the Russian Navy's fleets.

Currently, the Kanonersky Shipyard in St. Petersburg has completed the repair and modernization of the AS-28 deep-submergence rescue vehicle (Priz type) for the search and rescue service of the Black Sea Fleet. The device has passed a number of tests and its delivery to Sevastopol will begin in the coming days.

By 2021, the Kanonersky Zavod will complete the modernization and repair of the AS-36 Bester autonomous deep-submergence rescue vehicle of the Northern Fleet. Work is in progress in one of the workshops of the plant to improve the performance characteristics of updating a number of systems of the device. This will significantly enhance its characteristics and the ability to provide assistance to emergency submarines.

Rescue deep-sea underwater vehicles have undergone deep modernization and repair. This includes new positioning systems, sonar search and television control, as well as updated life support systems. Crews of deep-sea rescue vehicles have undergone special training and have practical experience in their operation.

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