Guard Ship «Yaroslav Mudryi» is on Anti-Piracy Watch in the Gulf of Aden

The crew of the patrol ship «Yaroslav Mudryi» is conducting a Russian civil vessel through the Gulf of Aden. To ensure safety, the escorted vessel is hosting the anti-terror group of the Baltic marine corps. In a few days the convoy will arrive at the designated point in the Red sea, where the Baltic sailors will begin to form a new caravan to follow in the opposite direction.

From 4 to 7 January, a detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet made a business call at the port of Salalah (Oman), where they replenished water, food and fuel.

According to the plan of the long-range campaign, the detachment of ships will continue anti-piracy activities in the Indian Ocean until the end of January.

A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet, consisting of the missile ship «Yaroslav Mudryi», the sea tug boat «Viktor Konetsky», and the tanker «Yelnya», which performs long-range tasks, left Baltiysk on October 1 and headed for the Indian Ocean.

Source - MoD


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