A Cybersecurity Agreement Between Russia & Iran

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Iranian counterpart Foreign Mohammad Javad Zarif on 26 January inked an agreement to expand cybersecurity.

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"We have signed an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in ensuring information security," said Sergey Lavrov to reporters.

The agreement, signed in Moscow on Tuesday, is a momentous milestone in the bilateral relations between Russia and Iran in the area of national and international cybersecurity and aims at the expansion of regional and international cooperation.

"It opens opportunities for us to coordinate our actions related to the growing importance of problems in cyberspace and the increasing impact on international relations and the situation in individual countries," the Russian Minister added.

According to the new agreement, Iran and Russia will strengthen their cyber cooperation in the fields of security, technical assistance, and the fight against cybercrime.

"Under the pact, Iran and Russia will cooperate in various fields, such as strengthening information security, the fight against the crimes committed with the use of information and communications technology, the technical and technological assistance, and the international cooperation including detection, coordination, and collaboration in the regional and international organisations to ensure national and international security," said the Iranian Ministry of Foreign affairs in a statement.

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