Egyptian-Emirati Joint Air Training Zayed-3

The Egyptian and Emirati Air Force conducted a 10-day joint air training (Zayed-3), in the United Arab Emirates in collaboration between the Ministry of Defence and the Egyptian Armed Forces. The exercise was conducted over three phases, which included plannin, conducting air training operations, as well as offensive and defensive air operations.

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The exercise is part of the series of Zayed military exercises organised by the UAE Armed Forces, in cooperation with Egypt, to enhance their military cooperation, through exchanging expertise in management and leadership, and planning and conducting air force operations.

The participants of the Egyptian and Emirati Air Forces attended a number of theoretical and practical lectures to unify concepts, enhance skills and coordinate on managing joint operations in various modern air combat methods for all participants. multi-tasking fighters from both sides executed several joint air sorties to train on attacking hostile targets and defend vital targets and an air refueling training.

"The training reflected the distinguished level and the high professionalism of the participating elements and the extent of coordination and cooperation between the Air Forces of both countries, which enhances the forces' ability to manage joint air combat operations efficiently and competently," said the Egyptian Ministry of Defence in a statement.

The Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Air Force, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and the Air Defense of the United Arab of Emirates Army, and a number of commanders of the Armed Forces of both countries observed one of the phases of the training in the UAE.

In a statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Defence said that the aim of the training was to achieve the maximum possible benefits for all elements participating in the planning and implementation of air operations in addition to measuring the readiness of the forces to carry out joint operations on various objectives to support security and stability efforts and face challenges in the region.​

During the last phase, the Egyptian and Emirati Air Force executed joint training sorties to enhance their ability, manage joint air warfare, and exchange expertise among the aircrews of both sides.

The training is another step towards strengthening the relations of joint military cooperation and continuous coordination between the Egyptian and Emirati Air Forces to maximize the benefit of the bilateral capabilities of both sides to face all risks and challenges that may be threatening security and stability in the region.

A statement shared by the Emirati Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation stressed that "the UAE and Egypt have strong overall relations, reinforced by their military cooperation and ongoing military exercises. The UAE-Egypt ties are based on a mutual understanding of regional and international challenges, as well as the importance of dealing with these changes through coordinated and integrated policies aimed at maintaining regional security."


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