SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2021 International Conference

The 13th International Conference SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2021 – Spacecrafts and Satellite Communications On All Orbits: Market Recovery In The Aftermath of COVID-19, Integration Into 5G, IoT and Digital Economy”, will be held in Moscow 8-9 April 2021 at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Moscow Krasnoselskaya.

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This year, the conference will be held in the phygital format combining both physical and online mode.

SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS is the only independent forum in Russia dedicated to satellite communications, broadcasting, rocket and space equipment and launch services. SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS annually gathers the main competitors from every niche of the market – from spacecraft development, manufacturing and launch to providers of fixed/mobile satellite communications and Earth’s remote sensing.

The agenda of SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2021 will cover all aspects and sectors of the satellite and broadcasting market – from communication, broadcasting and Earth’s remote sensing services and manufacturing of spacecrafts and terrestrial equipment, launch services, and commercialization of space activities. The forum will also look into new developments in all market segments, brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Another important element of the conference will be the discussion about the role of satellite systems in the deployment of 5G and IoT, and the outlook for new NGSO constellations.

Business agenda of the two-day conference SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2021 will consist of six sessions:

  • Session 1: NGSO and 5G – new realities in the satellite communications market
  • Session 2: New technologies in space and on Earth – how can satellite and terrestrial equipment manufacturers address new challenges
  • Session 3: New space: commercialization of space activities and startups in satellite/rocket/terrestrial equipment development
  • Session 4: Mobile satellite communications and space systems on mobile units: emphasis on ubiquitous reach, high data rates and connectivity (IoT)
  • Session 5: Earth's remote sensing from space: opportunities for commercialization, international cooperation and new projects
  • Session 6: Direct satellite TV broadcasting (DTH) market: new developments and outlook for the future

To make the forum more dynamic, each session will be followed by a 30-min debate – a format that ComNews first tried in 2020 and the feedback from the audience was really positive:

  • Debate 1: Starlink vs OneWeb – who will take the plum?
  • Debate 2: AIT center as a new business model for satellite systems construction and testing: SBIK “Ghalam” (Kazakhstan) vs SPKA “Gazprom Space Systems”
  • Debate 3: At whose expense? Funding for private companies’ space initiatives in Russia and CIS
  • Debate 4: Highly elliptical vs low earth orbit: which satellites are more effective for the use in the Arctic and other regions?  
  • Debate 5: State initiatives vs private business in Earth’s remote sensing from space
  • Debate 6: Satellite TV vs mobile TV on the brink of 5G networks deployment

SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2021 will gather regulators, senior executives of domestic and international satellite communications operators, television and radio broadcasting companies and broadcasting networks, manufacturers of satellites and space equipment, providers of launch services, financial and insurance companies, the New Space market players, industry consultants and media, corporate customers of satellite services.

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