2016, №3 (40)

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Deveselu: East and West, PR & Business

Text: Gabriela Ionita, a Romanian journalist, Editor in Chief of Power & Politics World. Political analyst, expert in the field of international relations and security issues analysis (mainly connected with the Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States). She took her university degree in Communication and Public Relation at the National School of Political and Administrative…
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Manipulator Systems for Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

By Vladislav Yurievich Zanin, JSС “NPP PT “OCEANOS”, General Director Adviser.    By Igor Vladilenovich Kozhemyakin, Head of Defence Research and Developments Agency of FSBEI HPE State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg.  Fast-paced development of underwater robot systems for underwater hydrocarbon production and military applications resulted in forming of the type of autonomous unmanned…
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Sandwich-Like Body Armor Vest

By Roman Ilyushchenko, Col. Ret.Production of personnel armored protection equipment and military body armor vests is the field where we are falling behind the leaders. Nonetheless, the scientific and technological progress and “His Majesty” market warmed by sanctions are pushing forward. Which new products related to body armor are put into service for special and…
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152 mm Cannon for T-14: Actuality and Perspectives

Author Artur Kovalivsky. The idea to install the 152 mm cannon to the tank is nothing new; the attempts to install such type of guns were made as far back as the middle 1980s, though technical difficulties, excess capacity and crisis in the country made it impossible to implement this idea in Soviet times. Future T-14 tank…
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Strategic Nuclear Forces of Russia and the USA Today and Tomorrow

By Alexander Ermakov, independent military expert .  Part I. Land Component  The escalation of political standoff between Russia and the USA along with an active phase of modernization of the Russian nuclear triad has heightened public interest in Strategic Nuclear Forces (SNF) of the leading countries. In the nearest future, this interest will grow stronger…
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