Fabrics of Four Elements

The fabrics of Korolev silk factory can be referred to as the fabrics of four elements – so much wide is the spectrum of application and multifaceted is the feasibility of using thereof. The produce of Korolev silk factory “Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa” is used nearly in all combat arms from naval- and ground-based to aerospace units.


The relevant technical characteristics of wide range of produce have since long brought the enterprise to the best-in-class positions in the industry. The factory works successfully for as long as 140 years for the defence industry utilizing the best traditions and up-to-date world technologies. As far back as 19th century the Russian regiments placed orders here to fabricate their flags and banners of silk and gold-cloth. During the World War II the production facilities have been finally transformed to “military posture” to produce industrial fabrics for parachutes, camouflage cloaks, woolen cloth for trench coats. After the war “Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa” has been completely re-oriented to produce fabrics from artificial and synthetic fibers.

The industrial fabrics can be universal to be used in dozens of industries, besides; they can feature specific, most frequently even unique characteristics depending on the field of application and local customer’s goals. The parachutes, individual armor facilities, spacecraft, ballistic missiles...

The name “Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa” (translated as “the best textile workwoman”) sounds as the deservedly acquired title. Owing to its advanced production, dozens of other companies work and advance. Supposedly, this is precisely why no German or French outfit with armor or Italian parachutes arrive at the Russian army. Today we can easily declare that the Russian aramid, polyamide, and polyether fabrics occupy one of the leading positions in the world. This is testified by the results of multiple comparison tests of articles of the best world manufacturers.

Since 1875, each new stage of development of “Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa” began from production facilities modernization. But now, the improvement of technologies neutralizes a concept of a stage in itself. The modernization now, according to Dmitriy Bruskov, Director General of “Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa”, is already a permanent process. It implies that the reconstruction and technical upgrading of production facilities take place sequentially and permanently. This is the only way for the enterprise to preserve its relevancy for the military industrial complex, which is the most dynamically advancing sector of the Russian economy.

The factory follows a principle of tripartite cooperation: with the leading scientific and industrial associations, with consumers represented by the customers, and with engineers, who develop technologies of the new principles of weaving threads. A primary focus is made on the maximum-demanded high-strength fabrics based on high-molecular aramid threads, air-tight nanofabrics of polyamide threads, filtered fabrics of polyether threads.

 On the Ground. For Production of Individual Protection Equipment

The most important tasks for improving characteristics of armor packages, which are successfully addressed at the enterprise, include reduction of weight and increase of flexibility with simultaneous improvement of bulletproof capacity and splinter-resistance capacity of fabric. Different structures of cloth, utilization of threads therein featuring different densities, twists, and the use of microfilament fibers provide for greater capabilities in the development of range of materials for armor vests. The fabrics for manufacturing a wide spectrum of individual protection equipment preserve mechanical strength characteristics under effect of high temperatures, too. Building sets of combat equipment “Ratnik” became one of the results of work on the new-generation fabrics.

In the Sky. Parachute Fabrics

The parachute fabrics denote one more sphere of factory produce application. The modern production facilities help efficiently manipulate the air-tightness and fire-proofness of fabrics, which give a chance to customer to attain definite targets in the use of up-to-date parachutes: whether they are personal rescue equipment, parachute cargo systems, parachute systems of combat aircraft and space reentry modules.

In Fire. Temperature-Resistant Fabrics

The next item implies the fire-proof fabrics made of heat-resistant fibers for the working temperature of 250 °С. They are used in the production of general service uniform of firefighters of the 2nd level. An additional impregnation on the basis of siloxanes and additional finish make it possible to increase the indicator of water resistance, petroleum-, oil-, and water-repellent properties, which prevent penetration of water, oils, petroleum products of high-density fraction, though, it does not prevent passage of sweat vapors at that.

 In Water. From Life-Jackets to Waterborne Vehicles

The fabrics made of the high-strength aramid fibers, polyamide and polyether threads are widely used for manufacturing industrial rubber goods and organic plastics. In this case a fabric is not fabric anymore but the reinforcement. The former ones are used in construction of light and robust pneumatic boats, life rafts, bridge boats, life-jackets, in aircraft- and airship-building. The EMERCOM uses the industrial rubber goods for pneumatic structures of airmobile hospitals.

The organic plastics are present in the airplane-building, in structural elements of space vehicles, in nuclear research plants, in production of bodies of ballistic intercontinental missiles “Topol-М” and “Bulava”.

All the produce meets the highest standards. The factory has introduced the quality management system, which is certified according to International Standard ISO 9001:2008 (certificate No. 1510052714). It resulted in a great number and industry-specific variety of customers, which use the factory produce in their articles. The fabrics of honorary brand “Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa” live and successfully function in all four elements. The outfit of soldiers on the ground is becoming even safer, the EMERCOM officers and fire-fighters in fire and water feel protected, while the air-tight parachute fabrics guarantee a successful landing.

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