2018, №1 (48)

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American and Russian Development of Military Unmanned Ground Vehicles

By Samuel Bendett, Associate Research Analyst with the Center for Naval Analyses' International Affairs Group, member of the Russia Studies Program The pace of development of unmanned systems for the military is picking up around the world, with many countries and even non-state actors fielding air, land and seabased models for current and future use.…
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Unwarranted maneuvers of Russia and NATO

By Yuriy Nadtochei, associate professor of Moscow State Institute for International RelationsAs much as contradictions between Russia and the West proceed in Europe, the Euro-Atlantic region and in the Middle East, the crisis of the existing system of confidence-building measures in the military sphere manifests itself ever more distinctly. First of all, it refers to…
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Key Unresolved Issues in the WMD Sphere

By Vladimir P. KozinIn terms of the qualitatively new buildup of weapons of mass destruction, each century has its own specific brand name. While the last century was labeled “the nuclear arms age,” the current century could be characterized as “the missile defense age” and “the space-based weapons age.” These three interlinked factors unfortunately define…
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Т-90. Where are you, competitors?

By Leonid Nersisyan, military observerAccording to the 2016 report of Uralvagonzavod, the company acquired two new contracts to supply T-90S tanks abroad: Iraq will get the first batch of 73 machines, and 64 equipment units more will be received by Vietnam. In addition, Uralvagonzavod plans to sign a contract in the nearest future to supply…
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Russia’s Nuclear Powered Fleet: A New Element

By Dmitry BoltenkovThe northern Russian territories, including coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean, are rich in natural resources, first of all, in oil and gas, as well as coal and non-ferrous metals. Nature presented a unique traffic lane to Russia between the semi-spheres – the Northern Sea Route.In the 1930s, the Soviet Union began exploration…
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The Arctic. A “Shamrock” Bursts into Blossom

By Artur KovalivskyThe Arctic has become the subject of hot debate among politicians; 22% of all undiscovered world resources are located in this region. A growing number of countries are declaring their rights to possess these resources. Russia is also defending its interests, claiming that the Lomonosov Ridge and Mendeleyev Heights constitute a direct continuation…
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IEMP Kupol is Ready for the Challenge to Make Land and Sea AD Systems Unified

Military authorities of Russia had always realized that making land-based and sea-based weapons unified is one of the most important tasks of effective armed forces arrangement.Back in the end of 19th century, there was a pretty successful attempt made to create a 10-inch longrange gun unified for ships and land fortresses. In the second half…
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The Torpedo in the Russian Navy: History and Present

By Pavel Rumyantsev Torpedoes represent the main weapon of the majority of submarines, one of the most efficient attack instruments at sea during wartime. Clearly, the capabilities of torpedoes as the main weapon of submarines are one of the factors determining the efficiency of submarines as a weapons system. TRENDS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF TORPEDOES…
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Negotiating contracts for Russian armaments in the first three quarters of 2017

By Andrei Frolov2017 has a chance to be remembered as a revolutionary year in the history of Russian foreign arms sales. This results from the fact that Russian arms producers have been particularly successful this year in making a number of breakthroughs in markets that were previously inaccessible, or nearly inaccessible – the petrol-states of…
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