KAF JSC. Evolution of quality

KAF JSC is located in Shumerlya, Russia, and it is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of purpose-built trucks and vehicles. The enterprise annually produces over 2,500 units for law enforcement agencies and civil customers in Russia and neighboring countries.

The company is recognized for its accurate and insightful implementation of innovative industrial solutions, continuous enhancement of quality and professional competences.

KAF JSC has traditionally been awarded high ratings by professionals at specialized international shows. Command center vehicles, field kitchens, passenger buses, medical trucks, specialized amenity vehicles have attracted avid interest of foreign partners.

Over 85 years of successful research and deployment of various specialized vehicle solutions for Russian and international customers underline KAF expertise in product reliability and its commitment to customer requirements.

Some examples of long-term cooperation in the field of civil products include close collaboration of KAF JSC with such large customers as Gazprom, Transneft and Russian Railways. The experience of cooperation with these partners includes all stages from design documentation development to mass production of custom vehicles and their servicing.

Cooperation with law enforcement agencies includes design, construction and manufacturing of specialized vehicles for transportation of suspected criminals for the Ministry of Interior of Russia and the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service; vehicles intended for support and transportation of the Russian Federal National Guard Service personnel; design of over 50 types of van bodies and 12 container body types adopted by the Russian Army; development and production of mobile command centers for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

KAF vans, containers and vehicles are tested in the most extreme environments and certified for extended service life.

The passion for continuous evolution is the key KAF value. KAF specialists believe that constant reevaluation and improvement of its engineering, industrial and professional competences will ensure the highest level of quality of its products for years to come.

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