2021, №4 (69)

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International Exercises of the Russian Armed Forces in 2020: An Overview

Military exercises are one of the most important elements of military readiness. They serve several key purposes, including practicing new ways of using troops, verifying command and control capabilities, trying out new ways of organizing and conducting combats, and testing the latest weaponry. International exercises broaden the range of objectives: they increase trust between participating…
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Export of Aviation Equipment In the Russian-Chinese Military-Technical Cooperation

The military-industrial complex (MIC) of the People’s Republic of China is rapidly developing, but still cannot manage to meet all its needs without foreign aids. In the context of a current political situation becoming even more complicated, Beijing has fewer and fewer opportunities to import foreign samples of military equipment. In September 2018, the United…
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Russia’s Military-Technical Cooperation – 2020

In 2020, due to the pandemic-related restrictions, for a number of foreign clients, the terms of delivery of military products and implementation of contracts for overhaul and maintenance of weapons and military and special equipment were put off and rescheduled.   The impossibility to ensure duly transfer of basic payment documents from customers led to…
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Boris Obnosov: Hypersonics is an Impetus for the Development of Science and Technology

The ‘Tactical Missiles Corporation’ (KTRV) is one of the leading companies of Russia's military-industrial complex and a world leader in the development and production of high-precision weapons. Boris Obnosov, Director General of KTRV, talked to the New Defence Order. Strategy about the development of hypersonic technology, international cooperation, and export of KTRV's products. The meeting with the…
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