2015, №2 (34)

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Decisive Battles in War between Criminals and Bankers

Colleagues will laugh at a criminal planning an armed bank robbery. True robbers are freelancers – they work remotely.Today, own technology practices allow banks not to lose to cyber-criminals in most cases. However, malefactors constantly improve criminal methods. There is nothing left for banks but to integrate in order to create a united front of…
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Hard Alloys Tools Seek Russian Citizenship

Stankoprom Holding being a part of Rostec State Corporation made a presentation of the plan of building a cluster for the tooling produce manufacture.By 2025 it shall result in nearly full liberation of Russian sector of metal processing from dependence on imported products.On the brink of extinction?One of the most acute problems in the sphere…
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Industries are Not Fuelled by Oligarchs

Since 2000 the overhaul of chassis of S-300V ADMS warfare means has taken place at Universalmash. Since 2012 the plant has begun serial production of upgraded self-propelled chassis. Evgeny Versen, Director of the plant, is talking about the goals the plant faces now:– Evgeny Konstantinovich, how much are your chassis demanded in the domestic market?–…
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In Quest of Innovative Lift

Russia is on the eve of establishing a “roadmap” of innovative development today. So far, the piecemeal actions of the institutes for development and business do not give a chance to the country to make a technological breakthrough.One can not allege that the activity of the institutes for development of the innovative components of the…
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Russian Armed Forces put the White Hats on

Russian military presence in the Arctic is essentially a response to the increase of specialized Arctic military formations by other countries.Creation of the Arctic group began with the restoration of military infrastructure at the New Siberian Islands and Franz Josef Land.NecessityRussia officially has an exclusive economic zone extending 370 miles from its shores. But the…
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