In Space We Trust !

Russia's State State Corporation Roscosmos has launched the "In Space We Trust" art project dedicated to all space pioneers and researchers of space.

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"We have tried to show the most important events in the history of space exploration: first spacecrafts, flights to other planets and landings on celestial bodies," says Roscosmos. "We believe that achievements in space belong to all mankind. We believe that space exploration is a significant step in the evolution of our civilization."

The project draws a timeline of the most significant milestones in space exploration since the launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial earth satellite on 4 October 1957.

It also commemorates the names of those heroes who risked their lives to achieve a higher goal, that is space exploration.

63 years ago, on 4 October 1957 a radio signal changed the world. It heralded the dawn of new era, era of space conquest. The first man-made object got delivered to the orbit.

The Elementary Satellite (Sputnik 1) contained solely base-level pressure and temperature sensors, along with a radio transmitter. It was launched in order to check the accuracy of calculations and equipment performance conditions. The satellite could only transmit signals (beeps) in the third of seconds duration at 20 and 40 MHz frequencies. Nonetheless, Sputnik provided valuable data concerning upper atmosphere layers.

Radio enthusiasts all over the world could receive the signals. Sputnik stayed 92 days on the orbit; then, it re-entered atmosphere and combusted.

The Project is available in Russian and English. Поехали!!

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