From the Desert to Space

Salem Al Marri, the Head of the UAE Astronaut Programme at Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) talked to the New Defence Order. Strategy magazine about the first ever Emirati mission to the International Space Station (ISS).  In September 2018, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum named Hazza Al-Mansouri and Sutlan Al-Neyadi as the first Emirati astronauts to…
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“All-seeing” space-based reconnaissance and targeting system

Author Pavel Rumyantsev  Since the mid-20th century, the striking power of Russia’s Navy is based on submarines and long-range heavy supersonic anti-ship missile (ASM) carriers. Russian ASMs are the most powerful anti-ship weapons able to efficiently counter the potential enemy’s shipborne air defence systems, including aircraft carrier groups.   The National Defense Management Center (NCMC)…
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Space for Everybody

Weiyang is a tiny planet with the orbit inside the Mercury orbit. On average its distance from the Sun is about ten million kilometers. It was discovered three years ago by Chinese comrades and called “Weiyang” – “the Sun’s bodyguard” or something like that. […] Lu Shi-er failed to closely approach this planet but he…
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Space Technologies on the Ground, under Water and in the Air

Speaking of the space technologies’ application here, “on the ground”, certainly, nobody provides using special small-lot and, for this reason, expensive components. The point is, first, of the “space” reliability level of the ground systems, and, second, of the use of “dual-purpose” components – for example, electronics and optics which may be manufactured both for…
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