United Shipbuilding Corporation: 2021 Key Results

In 2021, United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) handed over six new warships, including three nuclear submarines "Knyaz Oleg", "Kazan" and "Novosibirsk". Such an event – the production of three nuclear-powered submarines within such a short period – previously occurred only in the Soviet years.

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The Russian Navy also received the newest minesweeper "Georgy Kurbatov", another diesel-electric submarine of project 636 "Magadan" and "Vsevolod Bobrov" a combat logistics ship. The strategic ballistic missile submarines "Dmitry Donskoy" and "Knyaz Potemkin” of the Borei-A project, the corvettes "Grozniy", "Braviy" and "Buiniy" were laid down at the Amur Shipyard and the minesweeper "Afanasy Ivannikov" in Saint Petersburg.

Over 2021, commercial customers received 12 vessels. The “Siberia” icebreaker, which is the second in the family of the most powerful nuclear-powered ships in the world (and the first serial) occupies a special place. Now "Siberia", like its "elder brother" "Arctic", will be working on the Northern Sea Route.

The fishing fleet was replenished with new large-tonnage trawlers "Barents Sea" and "Norwegian Sea". The ferry of the PV22 project "Pavel Leonov" was handed over to its customer.

The four-deck cruise ship "Peter the Great" of the PV300VD project was successfully tested in the Volga fairway and now is preparing for its first tourist season in 2022.

Two research vessels of the 17050 project "Professor Anatoly Elizarov" and "Professor Peter Moiseev" were laid at the Nevsky Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant, and a passenger vessel of the A45-90.2 project "Viktor Astafyev" was laid at the Sredne-Nevsky shipbuilding plant.

It is worth noting that in 2021, the share of USC revenue from civilian products is expected to reach  22%, which suggests a steady growth. By 2030, the Corporation should receive 50% of its revenue from commercial orders, which is likely if there is a significant increase in investments in production modernization and domestic shipbuilding support programs.

Source: United Shipbuilding Company