Indonesia Launches Domestically Made Warship


The Indonesian Ministry of Defence inaugurated on 27 Februarythe launch of the H-355 Tank Transport Ship (AT-8) for the Indonesian Navy. The ship, named KRI Teluk Weda-526 (KRI - Warship of the Republic of Indonesia), is produced by PT Bandar Abadi Ship Builders and Dry Docks in Batam, said the Ministry's press office.

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The Head of the Defence Facilitiy Agency for Arms and Equipment in the Indonesian Ministry of Defencs, First Marshal of the Indonesian Armed Forces, Asfan Jauhari, S.A.P., M.Si, inaugurated the launch of the H-355 Tank Transport Ship (AT-8).

Jauhari commented that this is one of the important moments in the warship procurement process, which marks the completion of the construction of the hull structure. The procurement of the Tank Transport Ship is supported by the 2018 Domestic Loan budget and began its construction on September 13, 2019.

The Agency hopes that, after the launching, the completion can be carried out according to the planned schedule. The procurement is a part of the national defence force development programme to realise the Minimum Essential Force in accordance with the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan.

This construction by PT Bandar Abadi is one of the Indonesia's efforts in fostering and revitalizing the national defence industry in order to reduce dependence on foreign countries' industries, especially in the procurement of warships.

The KRI Teluk Weda-526 Tank Transport Ship has a specification of 117 m long, a maximum speed of 16 knots (full load), 111 crew members, can carry as many as 367 troops and 15 BMP3F tanks.

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