Missile Systems

The Arctic. A “Shamrock” Bursts into Blossom

By Artur KovalivskyThe Arctic has become the subject of hot debate among politicians; 22% of all undiscovered world resources are located in this region. A growing number of countries are declaring their rights to possess these resources. Russia is also defending its interests, claiming that the Lomonosov Ridge and Mendeleyev Heights constitute a direct continuation…
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The Torpedo in the Russian Navy: History and Present

By Pavel Rumyantsev Torpedoes represent the main weapon of the majority of submarines, one of the most efficient attack instruments at sea during wartime. Clearly, the capabilities of torpedoes as the main weapon of submarines are one of the factors determining the efficiency of submarines as a weapons system. TRENDS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF TORPEDOES…
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Russia & USA: Strategic Nuclear Forces. Land Component

By Alexander Ermakov, independent military expert.     Russia & USA. Strategic Nuclear Forces  Land Component  The escalation of political standoff between Russia and the USA along with an active phase of modernization of the Russian nuclear triad has heightened public interest in Strategic Nuclear Forces (SNF) of the leading countries. In the nearest future, this…
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From Aircraft Carriers to Mobile Maritime Airfield Complexes

Prof. Vladimir Polenin, Doctor of Military Science Nikolay Khrymov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering) Currently, the U.S. Navy Nimitz heavy aircraft carriers are modified versions of the Forrestal (CV-59) type aircraft carriers developed in the second half of the twentieth century. Even the building of a new series of heavy aircraft carriers of Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)…
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