Admiral Kuznetsov to get new Radio-Technical Equipment

Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier is expected to receive the latest partially-tested automated system of short-range navigation and control of deck-based aircraft’s flights, approaching and landing operations while it undergoes repairs. This was reported by TASS state news agency citing a source in the domestic defense industry. 

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"In the course of repairs, there are plans to replace the old Rezistor-K42 system with a new complex similar to Rezistor-E that proved its worth in the Indian Navy The new equipment integrates Russian electronics and has not undergone full-scale trials yet at one of the two NITKA [ground-based aircraft training] facilities available in Russia," the source told TASS.

The agency notes that according open sources, some parts of the latest system, the name of which is unknown yet, were delivered to the NITKA pilot training facility in Yeisk in southern Russia. More specifically, the facility received the secondary radar of the system. However, the combined equipment has not been tested in full due to the facility’s unpreparedness. As was reported earlier, the NITKA ground-based aircraft training facility in Yeisk may be put into operation only in 2023 instead of 2016.

TASS makes referese to some expert opinion that is in favour of testing the domestic Rezistor technology during training flights at the NITKA compound in the town of Saki on the Crimean Peninsula, which has been forgotten for some reason and is a full-scale ground-based replica of Russia’s sole aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. The training facility was reintegrated into Russia after Crimea’s reunification with the country in 2014.

The companies engaged in experimental design work on developing aircraft equipment and materials for the existing and future flattops have already relocated to Crimea, the source said.

Source: TASS


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