Arctic Exploration Satellites Production to Start in 2021

The General Director of Lavochkin Science and Production Association has unveiled intentions to begin the production of three Arctic exploration satellites in 2021.

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Vladimir Kolmykov, general director of the Lavochkin, spoke about this to RIA Novosti. He said that the company is going to sign a contract for the production of three Arctic-M remote-sensing satellites that will scan the Arctic region.

Firstly, one weather satellite in the series will go to space in late 2020. After that, the second spacecraft which is now in the process of assembly will follow in 2023.

"Expectations are that a contract will be signed for making three more spacecraft in 2021. Currently, we are compiling a feasibility study and a cost estimate," Kolmykov said.

The Arctic-M will have more or less the same specifications as geostationary weather satellites in the Elektro-L series. The satellite will fly along a highly elliptical orbit and will collect meteorological and hydrological data on the state of the planet's polar regions that cannot be properly scanned by Russia's Elektro-L satellites.

After two Arctic-M spacecraft enter the orbit, the Hydrometeorology Centre will receive data on the state of the atmosphere. Also, it will receive data on the terrestrial surface near the North and South Poles 24 hours a day.

Thus, it will be possible to more accurately compile short-term weather forecasts. Furthermore, it will provide scientists with plenty of new data for studying global climate change.

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